Not All Products are For You

I was a big fan of @burk’s Purchases That Didn’t Work Out post.

…I wanted to look back through 2019 and list out the things that I have purchased this year based on solid recommendations/reviews that turned out to be not that great for me.

Granted, it’s only a collection of other posts, but an interesting idea that I’d like to take on now that I’m back to blogging a little bit. I buy tech products year round, and own a few of the ones Jason reviewed in 2019 (actually skipped the ElevationLab charger after reading his take). The perspective from a general user, and not a major review outlet, about why a product didn’t fit their needs is extremely valuable, especially when written on their own website and not stashed within the ratings/review section of a store or product listing.

I guess this is my vow to write some reviews in 2020.

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