First post to WordPress from the micro blog iOS app. Excited to see this moving forward.

An Apple News EIC

Source: Lauren Kern Named First Editor-in-Chief of Apple News

… This is great and all. I like the app, but only browse it every once in a while when my RSS/Podcast feeds are completed. I’d be happy to see the news delivery made better here.

The one thing I never see mentioned, though, is how sensitive the Apple News app is to touch compared to every other app on iOS. I can’t scroll without it triggering the text selection effect. That happens nowhere else for me.

A well-priced, quality travel backpack

I always read bag reviews that Brooks writes. They are fantastic, but I’m always left wanting a bag that ends up in the $200-300 range. I get paying for quality, but I don’t travel enough for that type of investment.

Looks like this one is for me.

The thing about the Faroe is the price. It’s a well above average bag, at a rock bottom price. For the price, features, quality, style, and capacity — I cannot think of a better bag to recommend. In fact, if you are new to traveling with a backpack only, I think this is the bag you start with.

Source: The Arcido Faroe

Now this one is written through the json feed. Probably an unlimited number of tests before I get all of this right. Yay.

Instituted json feed for both posts and snippets but unsure of how will handle the items.

Slowly attempting to fully set up and give a go on my own WordPress.