On URL Schemes

I wish I would have written this. I’ve pulled way back from writing complex URL scheme driven workflows on iOS. Their often too much work to maintain as the OS ages and apps are updated. I’m also aging and forget the clever little tricks required to make the magic happen. When I need notes to […]

Apple Music First Impressions via Benjamin Mayo

Benjamin Mayo with a fantastic look at the problems facing some of the music services that give you access to everything. I personally use Amazon Music, and when searching Ed Sheeran I get the same issue as Apple Music – a near endless scroll of random albums that’s entirely confusing. Be better, services.

Opener for iOS

Sending along some extra pub for this app recommendation. Once you get into the habit of consistently using Opener for your preferred app, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. My biggest use cases include Apollo for Reddit links, YouTube, Tweetbot, Wikipedia, and Overcast. Though, there are plenty more. That being said, I really wish Apple […]

Hulu with Live TV now testing 60fps

Some good comments in the thread on this one. Comment from discussion pantheman75’s comment from discussion "It’s here: Hulu with Live TV, now testing in 60FPS.". Yeah, this is great. Nice announcement. However, Hulu is the most unreliable live TV over internet service I’ve tried. YouTube TV, Sling, and Vue have all performed better in […]