What’s the best setup for self hosted installs? I’m using my base site, but separated snippets into their own category and pulled into own feed. Does that make sense, or should I be doing differently. Seems like subdomain is the norm…

I should have made it a cool new year’s resolution to write more, but here I am on February 6 trying to get moving. This is from Mars Edit, and Ulysses has been downloaded as well. Joining the cool kids.

Had been testing Hulu Live, but after endless buffering I’m throwing in the towel. That being said, the Super Bowl played flawlessly on The YouTube TV trial I started.

First post to WordPress from the micro blog iOS app. Excited to see this moving forward.

Now this one is written through the json feed. Probably an unlimited number of tests before I get all of this right. Yay.

Instituted json feed for both posts and snippets but unsure of how micro.blog will handle the items.

Slowly attempting to fully set up and give micro.blog a go on my own WordPress.