Google Spins Off Hangouts

For real, yikes:

For those following along at home, Google’s certainly done this to its chat clients before. Prior to the trio of Allo, Duo, and Hangouts, there was Google Talk, Google Voice, Buzz, G+ Messenger, and the regular old Android SMS app.

Now, the Google’s push seems simple: all Hangouts products are for enterprise. Allo and Duo are for consumers. Except when you’re on a desktop computer, in which case you’ll use Hangouts for messaging inside of Gmail. Or if you want to have a group video chat with more than one other person, because you’ll need to use Hangouts for that too.

This is going to be a bit insufferable for users as things get ironed out, but for the time being everything in the consumer version of Hangouts will remain the same.

I talk to my friends daily on Hangouts on the web. The fact Google can’t unify behind a single chat cleint is frustrating.