iPhone users listen to podcasts more

This is not surprising, given Apple’s users, iTunes place in podcast curation, and the standard Podcasts app on every iPhone. All that considered, iPhone users should listen to podcasts more than any other user.

I can’t wait to see Podcast listening continue to grow as a whole, and our numbers at Too Many Comics echo these statements — Apple’s podcast app is the biggest by far.

As far as Android, what would it take for Google to bake podcasts into Google Music? Or does iTunes, and shows having to submit to iTunes, have too much of a stranglehold?

Latr.fm – Pocket/Instapaper for podcasts

Better late than never on this one. I’ve fiddled with Huffduffer quite a few times ever since I heard Merlin Mann sing its praises. For some reason, I could just never get into it.

However, Latr.fm‘s implementation of the save podcast episode for later service has done a better job at catching my attention. It’s very simple – sign up as a user, drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar, then get going on grabbing some podcasts. The service creates a custom RSS feed that you can subscribe to, or share with others. It’s helpful when you only want to listen to one episode and not subscribe to an entire podcast. Or you could create a best of feed for your favorites.

Either way, there are many possibilities and I’m enjoying thus far. Subscribe to my feed if you’d like.

Another Case for the New MacBook

I appreciate MacSparky’s take here. This update, and the longer piece before it, are legit looks at the audience for the latest MacBook. Tech press tends to go overboard on wishing every product is for them, but he (along with a few others) seem to get it.

A new machine doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Sorry, power users.

This machine would be perfect for someone like me. The only problem is I don’t have this kind of money to throw around for what would essentially be a secondary computer. Thus, I’m weighing the cost/benefit of something like this compared to one of the better Chromebooks.