Analytics on Adobe DPS

I feel the need to share this information, because accomplishing this for us took quite a few tests and even more Google searching.

My marketing team is on the most basic of licensing for Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite and our designer recently used the program to make an iOS app version of our new viewbook. Obviously, we wanted to track a bit of the actions within the pages, not just how many downloads it receives.

You’d think this would be simple, but Adobe only provides its analytics suite to higher-paying customers . That was not an option for us. So, after the previously-mentioned searches and tests, we found a solution that works for us. This may help others in the future as well.

Our process to use Google Analytics:

  • Decide which pages you want to track — we first decided to test it on the cover,  both landscape and portrait,  and we’ll soon add an update for each page.
  • Create blank HTML pages that are titled correctly to coincide with said pages. The HTML should only be the core you need for a blank page, plus the correct title, and your Google Analytics code.
  • Create an HTML overlay on the page you wish track and insert the corresponding HTML page. We sized this overlay down so it’s not seen by the naked eye on any implementation.
  • Now when someone opens the app, the overlay will open the blank page with your code and you’ll have your analytics.

It’s a necessary workaround for a smaller shop that works. If anyone has a better way to accomplish this, please let us know.