Apple has problems, developers say

Dr. Drang summed up all the recent Apple hoopla quite nicely, and presented the viewpoint I relate to most:

Are you as enthusiastic about demonstrating recent versions of OS X as you were about Leopard? Have you avoided family members who keep asking you why their iPhones don’t have enough free space to install iOS 8? Do you think it might be better if your friends stick with Android because then you won’t feel responsible if some of their data doesn’t sync?

I think a lot of us have lost our spirit, and that’s problem for Apple. Apple may not think so—it’s financial statements would argue that it’s in great shape—but it’s being buoyed by an excellent run of hardware releases and a certain amount of inertia. Eventually, though, it runs the risk of becoming another Microsoft, with users who do more complaining than praising. When a company’s best users lose their spirit, it loses their leverage.

Bolded for my emphasis. Simple things like that shouldn’t be an issue. When it’s difficult to present my family and friends with simple answers to these basic questions, it sucks. They all now complain about their iOS devices the same amount as their Microsoft PCs.