Don’t Be A Free User (pay for good stuff)

I wrote a post a few months back about how I made it a point to myself to begin paying for the premium services I’ve come to enjoy, and rely on, so much. For example, I’m a paying user of Pinboard, Instapaper, Readability and LastPass to name a recent few. I feel much better to support these amazing developers and services, plus it helps to ensure they don’t go by the wayside.

Pinboard’s developer made a point about this in his latest blog post.

Read through it. He makes many great points, which are echoed by Instapaper’s developer here.

If you like a service, pay for it. Don’t be the type of person that leaves less than stellar reviews because it’s not free, or ads are displayed. Pay to remove the ads! Support the developer! I plan on continuing to pay for more services — Evernote, you’re next.

*EDIT — Now that I read through that old post of mine, I clearly lost track of posting reviews for my paid services, so I plan to finish those before the year ends. That way I’ll be able to tally my number of services and the contributions I’ve made.