Gary Vaynerchuk’s take on social media, customer service

I subscribe to a lot of magazines. Out of all of them, Inc. has one of the best features — “The Way I Work:” which lets different entrepreneurs and business people describe their working days. Recently, Michael Arrington had a great piece.

In February’s issue, Gary Vaynerchuk takes center stage.

Vaynerhcuk, known best for his Wine Library TV, has since turned a majority of his attention to another family-owned business, VaynerMedia. With his latest venture, Vaynerhcuk educates businesses, most famously the New York Jets and NHL, on how to properly use social media and online tools to enhance their brand.

It’s a great read, and he’s one of the best in the business. What stood out most to me is Vaynerchuk’s quote about what it means to provide this extra element to consumers. It shares my view as both a customer and professional in the field. (Emphasis provided below).

We’re humanizing the NHL. For instance, every time somebody says, “Can’t wait for the Rangers game tonight” on Twitter, the NHL will now respond with something like, “Have a great time!” Those fans feel different about the NHL.

Too many people think this one-on-one stuff doesn’t scale, but giving a shit has an enormous return yield. For example, if a florist is nice to you, you’ll buy flowers there, even if 1-800-FLOWERS is cheaper. Yes, it’s hard work, but once everybody understands the value of engagement, everybody will do it.