Getting things done with Todoist

Todo list apps – much like every productivity nerd, I’ve tried them all. During my process, I settled on Todoist a year or so ago and was thrilled when Federico did the same (selfishly knowing I’d benefit from some amazing tips).

Todoist simply works exactly as I prefer, carrying a number of benefits. A few of my favorites:

  • Ubiquitous – Todoist is everywhere I need it. On my Mac, the web, Watch, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android. I don’t use all of these devices all of the time, but when I do I know that my task lists will be synced there.
  • URL scheme support for quicker entry and improved workflow.
  • Integrations with other services I use, like Google Calendar and IFTTT.

And in recent news, the development team made major improvements to 1) bring a handy app to the Apple Watch and 2) launch its own developer platform integrations.

It just keeps getting better and better. And it’s only $29/year for the premium version.