Goodbye, Instapaper (and Pocket)

The news here is that Pinterest bought Instapaper. I was a Pocket user for a long time, but switched more recently to Instapaper for my offline reading. I enjoyed its app a little more, and appreciated the automatic weekly Kindle digest it would send me.

However, I have no interest in a Pinterest account, or having one of my accounts share data with its company. Also, in an effort to simplify my app usage, there’s just no need for either of these anymore. Thus, goodbye to Instapaper and Pocket.

I already pay for Pinboard, a tremendous bookmarking service. From there, I can save an article to read later where, thanks to a wonderful app economy, I can open Pinner and read via Safari reader mode. Success! Beyond that, if I do want to send to my Kindle, I’m covered there as well.