My recent Kickstarter adventures

I think everyone has heard of Kickstarter and you’ve probably already funded a project, or launched a project of your own, so I won’t go into explaining what it is. If you don’t know, just check out its website.

I recently started putting some of my dollars into interesting Kickstarter campaigns and I wanted to start sharing them here. It’s a pretty cool feeling to help these entrepreneurs reach their goal and feel as if you’re a small part of their success. And, of course, having some early access to the product is an added benefit. Over the past few months, I backed four projects that reached their targeted goal. I have some more that are currently active (I’ll only post the ones that have been fully funded in monthly updates).

My four backed products:

  • The Social Media Monthly – As you could guess, a monthly magazine with featured stories on the social web. As part of my contribution, I received a year’s subscription to the magazine, as well as my name on the cover of the May issue. The magazine is in full production. It’s worth a read and subscription, so you should check it out.
  • Fireside Magazine: Issue 2 – Short and simple from its description, ‘Fireside is a quarterly magazine of short fiction and comics.’ I love creative pieces like this where people are able to share their stories and reach a wider audience. My contribution got me the first issue and the second when it’s released. Check through their page and consider grabbing the back issue to give it a try — it’s available in variety of digital formats.
  • Hero By Night – A comic based out of Pittsburgh, enough said. Seriously, though. Give it a look if you’re into comics — the story sounded pretty cool to me and I had not heard of it before.
  • Sullivan’s Sluggers – My favorite of the four. Sullivan’s Sluggers is a graphic novel based around a baseball team. The art looks incredible, and the story is one point. I gladly paid to receive the hardcover edition of the book, which is scheduled to come out in September. I highly recommend this.

That’s all recently. I have a few campaigns that are still active, but I’ll write pieces on them once they are fully funded. Stay tuned, and please go check out some awesome projects that could use your contribution.