On URL Schemes

I wish I would have written this.

I’ve pulled way back from writing complex URL scheme driven workflows on iOS. Their often too much work to maintain as the OS ages and apps are updated. I’m also aging and forget the clever little tricks required to make the magic happen. When I need notes to understand how a URL works, I feel like I’ve gone too far.

Kudos to app developers that build URL schemes for all of us edge cases. But, I’m wary of apps that rely too much on URLs as a sales pitch.

– via macdrifter.com

Totally agree. URL schemes are fun to play around with and I always feel great when successfully automating something, but a lot of these features should come built in and made with a simple UI for all users to learn.

Best thing you can do nowadays is simply wait for other people to build what you use and import it into Drafts, Workflow, Launch Center Pro, etc.