Paying for services —

I told myself that in 2011 I wanted to pay for more of the services that I use. In my experience of building WordPress themes/plugins and doing other smaller work, it takes a great deal of time and effort to develop products. I know what goes into it, maybe not to the scale of what some very intelligent people are doing, but I can surely guess.

For that, I feel it’s my duty to give back. Whether that’s paying for a pro version of a service, the initial service or simply through donations. This year, I plan to give thanks to these developers that make my life easier and more functional everyday.

So it begins. I’ve come to realize that even before ‘cloud computing’ became such a hot topic, my tech life had already been shifting in that direction. One of those areas has been bookmarking. My progression has gone as such: standard browser bookmarks -> Google Reader starred items –> Delicious.

Delicious is/was the king of social bookmarking. But when rumors circulated that Yahoo! was going to shut the service down, or at least look to sell it, everyone jumped ship. Including me. I got into the Delicious game late, though, so I made the move pretty easily. I tested a few services such as Historious, Google Bookmarks, Evernote and Springpad (though I use the last two for other aspects of my life).

What eventually won me over, however, was To even begin to use it, I had to pay a small fee, which I didn’t mind. The developer associates the fee with a formula based on the amount of users. Basically, it goes up little by little with each user. When I bought in, it cost me $7.70. If you want your own account, as of this writing, it’ll cost you $9.20. I promise you, it’s worth it.

Pinboard is everything Delicious should be, and I’m not the first to say that.

I won’t get in to why Pinboard is a such a good investment. If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably Googled it for yourself. If you haven’t, just follow this handy should I switch or should I not from the developer.

There is even a pro version with a few added features that you can purchase later if you’d like, at a very reasonable price. It’s something I may get at some point. Until then, I’ll enjoy my under $8 investment and feel free to read my bookmarks in the sidebar.


2011 stats

Total paid services: 1
Total contribution: $7.70