Write! – a dynamic Windows text editor

I’ve been a Mac user for a while now, and it a big perk of that is the amazing software that is always available thanks to many great developers.

I keep a Windows desktop to run as a media and backup server at home, and I try to keep up with anything new that comes Microsoft’s way on it while it serves those initial purposes. I’m not the first to notice how far behind Windows has gotten when it comes to innovative software — even among simple things like text editors.

Enter Write! — a truly dynamic Windows text editor.

Thanks to Lifehacker, I became familiar with Write! today and have had fun playing around with it. Its interface offers a new take, especially for Windows, on the text editor, featuring a custom rendering engine, markdown support and much more.

If you have a Windows machine lying around, give Write! a shot. It’s distraction-free writing at its best on the platform with tons of features to enjoy.