On URL Schemes

I wish I would have written this.

I’ve pulled way back from writing complex URL scheme driven workflows on iOS. Their often too much work to maintain as the OS ages and apps are updated. I’m also aging and forget the clever little tricks required to make the magic happen. When I need notes to understand how a URL works, I feel like I’ve gone too far.

Kudos to app developers that build URL schemes for all of us edge cases. But, I’m wary of apps that rely too much on URLs as a sales pitch.

– via macdrifter.com

Totally agree. URL schemes are fun to play around with and I always feel great when successfully automating something, but a lot of these features should come built in and made with a simple UI for all users to learn.

Best thing you can do nowadays is simply wait for other people to build what you use and import it into Drafts, Workflow, Launch Center Pro, etc.

Opener for iOS

Sending along some extra pub for this app recommendation. Once you get into the habit of consistently using Opener for your preferred app, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

My biggest use cases include Apollo for Reddit links, YouTube, Tweetbot, Wikipedia, and Overcast. Though, there are plenty more. That being said, I really wish Apple would start letting us designate third-party apps as defaults in some scenarios.

Hulu with Live TV now testing 60fps

Some good comments in the thread on this one.

Yeah, this is great. Nice announcement. However, Hulu is the most unreliable live TV over internet service I’ve tried. YouTube TV, Sling, and Vue have all performed better in my tests. If you’re in the market, I’d suggest giving those three a shot and using Hulu simply as an on-demand supplement.

An Apple News EIC

Source: Lauren Kern Named First Editor-in-Chief of Apple News

… This is great and all. I like the app, but only browse it every once in a while when my RSS/Podcast feeds are completed. I’d be happy to see the news delivery made better here.

The one thing I never see mentioned, though, is how sensitive the Apple News app is to touch compared to every other app on iOS. I can’t scroll without it triggering the text selection effect. That happens nowhere else for me.

A well-priced, quality travel backpack

I always read bag reviews that Brooks writes. They are fantastic, but I’m always left wanting a bag that ends up in the $200-300 range. I get paying for quality, but I don’t travel enough for that type of investment.

Looks like this one is for me.

The thing about the Faroe is the price. It’s a well above average bag, at a rock bottom price. For the price, features, quality, style, and capacity — I cannot think of a better bag to recommend. In fact, if you are new to traveling with a backpack only, I think this is the bag you start with.

Source: The Arcido Faroe

Google Spins Off Hangouts

For real, yikes:

For those following along at home, Google’s certainly done this to its chat clients before. Prior to the trio of Allo, Duo, and Hangouts, there was Google Talk, Google Voice, Buzz, G+ Messenger, and the regular old Android SMS app.

Now, the Google’s push seems simple: all Hangouts products are for enterprise. Allo and Duo are for consumers. Except when you’re on a desktop computer, in which case you’ll use Hangouts for messaging inside of Gmail. Or if you want to have a group video chat with more than one other person, because you’ll need to use Hangouts for that too.

This is going to be a bit insufferable for users as things get ironed out, but for the time being everything in the consumer version of Hangouts will remain the same.

I talk to my friends daily on Hangouts on the web. The fact Google can’t unify behind a single chat cleint is frustrating.